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Program Components

Through the years, KASARIAN has maintained a holistic combination of program components in order to effectively achieve its objectives. The program components are integrally related to each other, and built into each one, networking or partnering with other agencies, as may be necessary.

  1. Counseling and Other Services - This component includes formation of self-help groups with the supervision of professional counselors.
  2. Advocacy - This component takes the lead, or cooperates with other agencies in promoting a gender-fair and gender-responsive culture in the communities where it is located.
  3. Research - This component initiates and/or conducts researches, or provides expertise in the formulation of research proposals on problems and topics related to gender.
  4. Maamongan - This component initiates discussion forums for researches, recent developments in legislation, policies related to gender.
  5. Education and Curriculum - This component takes charge of monitoring, or initiating activities towards the achievement of gender-fair curriculum in UP Baguio and/or cooperate with partner schools or universities and organizations in achieving or conducting the same.
  6. Training and Capacity Building - This component plans and/or initiates KASARIAN sponsored seminars or workshops where UP Baguio faculty, staff and students gain knowledge, skills and expertise in the handling of gender-related cases.