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Objectives of KASARIAN

The objectives of KASARIAN are as follows:

  1. To aid the University of the Philippines Baguio in advocating, promoting and enhancing equal status, fair treatment, and equal rights and respect for genders in UP Baguio, and to aid the University in advocating for the promotion of these in the larger communities of Baguio City and the Cordillera.
  2. To aid the UP Baguio administration in implementing Gender and Development (GAD) policies, legislation, and budget allocation for UP Baguio faculty, Research and Education Personnel and Staff (REPS), and other employees of UP Baguio.
  3. To provide expertise and support services in UP Baguio's implementation of laws on sexual harassment, and other forms of gender discrimination and violence, and in the investigation of such cases.
  4. To conduct research on gender situationers, gender disparities, gender theories, gender-fair curriculum, reproductive health, sexuality, masculinity studies, and other important and relevant topics, and to promptly disseminate research results.
  5. To regularly conduct or hold forums for information dissemination on gender concerns, issues, research, legislation, and intervention mechanisms.
  6. To establish linkage and working relations with government, civic, and no-governmental agencies to pursue cooperative collaboration, and mutual sharing of resources in the planning, conduct and implementation of activities related to gender.